Madelon de Wagenaar

An fully recycled, non-seasonal and eclectic collection

for in store. Inspired by 20 century's casual and 90s minimalism.

Despite people are working from home they still want to express themselves, feel confident while being comfortable.

Classy and timeless items have been ripped apart to drop your eye on the a-symmetrical and color blocking parts of these designs.

To inspire.

It is time for change. This collection is for innovators and lovers. To inspire others and hug mother nature.

Made from 100% recycled materials, vegan, locally produced in the Netherlands and handmade.


Different windows where a-symmetry is being showed. Elegant organic shapes mixed with geometrics.

No more black but intense dark browns, soft shades of beige with outspoken magenta and emerald green with a hint of light blue are the colors of this collection.


Sample 1

Knit close-up

How to style example

Inspiration for this collection

Video for the Basement.

An add-on for this space to set a vibe with the brands that are being sold.





New Amsterdam Surf Association


Magazine collage for newsletter

Photoshopped most photos in webshop

Editorial photos for webshop and socials

New collection in-store styling:

Combining 3- and 2-dimensional shapes with different contrasts to showcase each unique item to catch the eye of the customer

Experimental product photography for socials

Checklist for online orders

All merchandise clothing and accessoires are going to be sold in store and webshop

More merchandise coming soon