Madelon de Wagenaar


what is meat? why are we harming our own bodies with innocent flesh? arent there any solutions to help out our earth and ourselves? stop feeding your ego and feed your soul.

i imitated meat with seitan, colored it thoroughly with acrylic paint. in the making process i tried various ratios flower to water to create the best seitan to drape with for this installation. down below are results and process. try to enjoy :)

*graphic content warning*

HKU toelating11.jpg
HKU toelating12.jpg
HKU toelating13.jpg
HKU toelating.jpg
HKU toelating2.jpg
HKU toelating3.jpg
HKU toelating4.jpg
HKU toelating5.jpg
HKU toelating6.jpg
HKU toelating7.jpg
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HKU toelating9.jpg
HKU toelating10.jpg